A cut in business cost: discover how thanks to SAP!

A cut in business cost: discover how thanks to SAP!

All companies first objective is to maximise profit. |To reach this target is necessary not only sell more, but also decrease costs without negatively effecting the business department productivity. SAP, according to this, can offer a better solution: thanks to the innovative characteristics, a management of this type can conduct to an important reduction in business cost without affecting any internal process. In this article Technis Blu a SAP Gold Partner, explains how to diminish your business costs with SAP.

One software for more departments

It is difficult to decrease costs when each business department within the company uses a different management System. In this scenario, the implementation, maintenance and training expenses multiplies for the number of different management Systems used within the company. SAP is a software composed by more modules, customisable according to the different business department and linked to one single central System. The economic advantages of having a single management System of this type are important: you invest in one unique software that integrates with each business department with only one maintenance and training cost.

A deepen cost control

SAP (in particular its newest version SAP S/4 HANA) is not only a ‘business Data storage’ but a lot more. This is a software thought for analyzing the business performance: thanks to the creation of periodic reports, you are constantly aware, about the costs or profits of your company. In this way is possible to foresee and understand eventual diversions in relation to business objectives.  Moreover, by monitoring the efficacy of each single department, you can identify what business area has a bigger incidence on the company and decide, basing of accurate Data, what to do to decrease the internal expenses and increase the internal productivity. Therefore, the business cost analysis results fundamental.

A scalable software for your needs

Each company goes through different periods that appear with different needs. SAP bases on this awareness as a management System created to result customizable in each section. Particularly, is possible to integrate multiple modules, according to the desired department to strengthen finance, accounting, warehouse, logistics etc. In this way is not anymore necessary to uninstall a software and install another one when there are different needs compared to the past, but is possible to continue by using the same software, integrated with new modules. The business cost reduction is relevant also here: indeed, any extra implementation or training will not cause any increase in costs when new needs occur.

Real time information

Company clearly know that time is money. Because of this, to reach a cost reduction in business costs is necessary to cut all those actions that do not allow an efficient utilization of time. Therefore, misunderstandings between two different departments can result in a loss in productivity. With SAP, is possible to avoid unforeseen events of this type: each sets of Data, to avoid useless waiting times and mistakes, is inserted and updated in real time. In this way, the relationship between the different business departments improves noticeably increasing efficiency and productivity of each single business department and of the whole company.


In this article, we have seen how to reach a business cost reduction through SAP. This is a management software composed by a central System, which integrates different modules, according to different departments and firms’ areas. Data are constantly updated and collected in specific reports to identify the areas that cause the highest costs and consequently, making specific strategic actions to minimize them. Thanks to these innovative characteristics, SAP allows to diminish implementation and training costs, without negatively affecting departments’ productivity.

Do you wish to get more information regarding SAP’s peculiarity? Do not hesitate to contact us: Technis Blu team, made up by SAP consultants with decennial experience, will be at your service to show you the benefits of this software.

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