About Us

About Us

Technis Blu is a company who work from over ten years in the organizational and process consulting, aimed at identifying the best solutions for public and private companies.

Our offer finds its focus on value-added services in the following areas:

  • Organizational and process consultancy;
  • Implementation of SAP projects;
  • Information security consultancy;
  • Design and implementation of complex information systems;
  • Expert advice on hardware and software platforms.

Technis Blu professional team claims more than ten years of experience in: Finance, Industry, Public Administration, Health, Service, Transport, Telco e Food & Beverage.

Do you need IT Consulting?

A look on our values

What moves us?

Knowing that the market is in constant evolution and every company needs to keep up to date makes Technis Blu a dynamic and advanced reality. All of this to be next to those who want to grow and be at the forefront, to listen their needs and find the best solutions to reach success.

Today, Technis Blu team works for over a hundred clients and, like a “informatic boutique”, develops and realizes complex projects, in which high quality is always guaranteed. The value-added services are provided in fixed-price mode, with an approach focused on process consulting aimed at information solutions, working next to our clients to understand their problems and how to solve them in the best way. Therefore, we are not simple providers but partners, working with the Client to evolve e make the business grow, like it was our own.


We work at our best to satisfy our clients, supporting their companies towards innovation and business improvement, keeping in mind the value of people. In this way we support new generations in the making of their future.


We ensure excellency consulting services to public and private companies who intend to grow in their target market; we provide specific answers to the Client with customized solutions based on his needs.


Joining Var Group
Partnership IBM SAP (EBM)
Exclusive partner McCabe for Italy​
Birth of LVS (Laboratorio Valutazione Sicurezza)​


SAP Best Performance Challenge EMEA


Joining INFORDATA Group


Partner EMC ISO-27001 – 20 assets ITIL


Certifications SAP – SAP Partneredge


ISO 14000 Certification


Let’s get into the details...

What can Technis Blu do for you?

Analysis and optimization of business processes

We analyse your business at 360° to understand your needs and guide you during the implementation of ERP SAP, leader software in business processes optimization. We consider your needs and find the best solution for the target market.

Development of your SAP S/4HANA platform

We realize and implement projects for every company who wants to grow with SAP S/4HANA. The specialized consulting offer include all the programming and infrastructural services, training activities and post go-live support.

Custom solutions

Our approach allows us to understand your specific needs. We develop and implement technical and functional custom solutions to fully satisfy your company’s needs and customize your management system, to reach the desired goals.

Problem solving thanks to specific assistance services

We offer different kind of assistance services, in order to solve as soon as possible your problems: AMS, SMS and Control Room. The interventions take place directly in loco or remotely, by qualified experts with 20 years of experience.

Software Factory for development activities

The software implementation in your company goes also through our Software Factory service: 25 programmers work constantly to implement the right SAP solutions to fill your need, in perfect “custom” style. Our programming service includes training activities.

Quality evaluation and software test and information security

We can support you in the “software selection” and help you make the best choice for the specific needs of your company.

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