ABAP Analyst Programmer

Tasks and responsibilities:

- Defines the structure of the programs, sets the functions and algorithms;

- Drafts detailed specifications of the programs consistent with both functional and technical analysis;

- Carries out the assigned programs, ensuring their functionality and efficiency;

- Defines the structure of the documentation and program tests, according to the established standards;

- Participates and collaborates in program and application testing.

Required knowledge:

- Use of traditional and advanced languages;

- Knowledge of the characteristics of the hardware and software adopted;

- Knowledge of technical English;

- Specific skill in relation to the problems of the project.

Experiences and training:

- High school diploma and long-term experience (at least 3) in the field;

- Degree in economic or scientific disciplines and at least one year of experience.

- At least 3 years experience

Personal requirements:

- Ability to work in a group;

- Autonomy for the assigned tasks.

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