Best business management software: what features should it have?

Best business management software: what features should it have?

Nowadays, a company, whether small, medium or large, has to cope with multiple activities: accounting, procurement, warehouse administration, relationships with suppliers and customers, on each of these aspects it is appropriate to manage activities, criticalities and controls with the maximum “attention”. It is in this context that a business management software assumes particular importance: finding it means finding an ideal solution to manage effectively, starting from a single platform, each process and the different organizational dynamics that distinguish it. However, what are the features that should possess the most effective management software to be really a keystone for your business? In this article, Technis Blu, using his many years of experience, describes what can be considered when you decide that it is time to simplify and optimize your business processes and how these topics have led us to choose SAP!

#1 Integration of business processes

In most cases, a company already has several software for managing its operating processes, such as: accounting, production management, inventory control or order management programs. Many companies also have different tools to support planning, control activities, and the management of investment projects. With this in mind, the need, which emerges, tends to be the same that of integrating operational management and control tools into a single platform. In this sense, the best business management software will have to adapt perfectly to your current business processes, ensuring the optimization of the same, but will also have to open you up to new control models to support business “governance”. With the choice of SAP and the support of Technis Blu, you can take advantage of a unique solution that allows you to coordinate all internal and external activities, speeding up operations, improving the quality of information and allowing you, therefore, to take care of the evolutions and opportunities of your core business.

#2 Management and company control

Thanks to the characteristics of SAP, you can place under the magnifying glass of a technological and innovative instrument every aspect related to your business. In this way, you will know how the different areas are operating and you can evaluate their criticalities and excellences to understand what logic to set your evolutionary path on. In addition to this, you can speed up the operation, simplify some procedures and improve the sharing of information and choices. In this scenario, for example, the marketing department will relate more effectively and quickly with the Sales Team, improving the communication and the effectiveness of interventions in the market. An integrated platform, in fact, will transmit in real time the data of the contacts collected from the marketing area to the commercial ones, that they will use them in order to conclude the sales easier. Through such a solution, you will make your company more efficient, without affecting the quality of the products and services offered.

#3 Operations traceability

The whole business process can be particularly intense, complex and full of pitfalls and therefore your choice must be oriented towards a solution that allows you to track (in “chi, as , when”) every single activity. In this way, you will be able to have the company situation constantly under control; thanks to SAP it will be possible to have trace of every phase of the path of an investment project, understand where we are, detect deviations from shared plans and verify any critical issues, so as to intervene as soon as possible, in the most appropriate and timely way.

#4 Responsive appearance and excellent User Experience

In order to be considered the best “business management software”, the platform should be equipped with an intuitive, simple and customizable graphical interface that allows you to adapt the use of the software to every role and operator of your company. In addition to this, it must be possible to use the system continuously regardless of where you are, adapting to the use in "mobility” (via smartphones and tablets), which the digital reality puts before us and guaranteeing, at the same time, always the same quality in user experience. The responsive logic of SAP Fiori will make it accessible wherever you are, to control constantly every aspect of your business. All this, of course, without sacrificing safety, multifunctionality and the innovative characteristics of management.

#5 Data always at hand

To develop your driving behaviour and growth planning, you need to know in detail the starting situation of the company, defining objectives, operational and strategic activities; This must be made possible by the “best business management software” through the presence of intuitive analytic functions. A software of this type, in fact, will have to be able to show you in real time financial data, profitability, market, current and historical in a simple and dynamic way, ensuring analysis on the fly” “on your data. In this way, you will be able to know in every moment the performances of your enterprise, with numbers and statistics easy to identify, thanks to the assignment of specific metrics for each area and process. All this is what you can do with SAP S/4 HANA!

#6 Data protection

It is essential that you feel constantly safe from possible threats of violation of the enormous amount of information that passes through your company: in this sense, SAP guarantees a great attention to data security. Make sure that the software you are evaluating has been designed through multi-level hard controls, as well as SAP, otherwise, entrusted to those who can protect your data and activities. This way you will know that your internal data, that of your customers, employees and suppliers will always be safeguarded.


In this article we have seen the six main characteristics that the best business management software should possess in order to be able to control, manage and analyse every phase of the production process, accounting or management in general of your company. Among these features we find: the integration of business processes, the traceability of all operations, the complete and constant control of the company, the responsive aspect and the attention to the analysis and security of your data

All these features are present in the SAP software proposed by Technis Blu. Would you like to know which of the various types best suits the needs of your business? Contact us: Technis Blu experts will be happy to answer your questions and help you improve your business processes!

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