To ensure the best quality service and to guarantee high reliability to the client, Technis Blu decided to operate in accordance with the most authoritative certification schemes in the field:

Quality management system – QMS

The ISO 9001 normative defines the management system requirements for organization quality and for those who want to cyclically submit to quality control their own productive process, starting with the definition of the requirements until the monitoring of the whole productive process. The application stages of the normative start from the definition of procedures and the registration for every process or macro-process identified in the corporate structure.

Information Security Management System – ISMS

Since information is something that adds value to the company, every corporation has to be able to guarantee data security, in a context where information risks caused by security system violations are growing every day. The goal is to protect data and information from every kind of threat, to ensure integrity, privacy and availability, and provide the requirements to implement the right information security management system (ISMS) aimed at managing correctly all the company’s data.

Service Management System – SMS

The normative contains guidelines built specifically for those businesses, like Technis Blu, that offer information services through project operations. That includes the best practices for planning, design, transition, delivery and improvement of services and the services, processes, plans, goals, documentation and resource control management. Technis Blu is the only Italian company with SAP certification 20000.

Environmental management system – EMS

Technis Blu decided to keep high the attention on energy issues for the safeguarding and defence of the environment. During daily operation, we work to pursue the guidelines defined by the certification 14001, in order to protect nature and everything that surrounds us. Specific attention is given to device management, electrical and water power use, conditioning and heating devices use and press optimization, with a focus on separate collection.

What’s Technis Blu strategy? ​

Every certification quality scheme that Technis Blu follows, constitutes the work methodology and the strategy applied on our clients:

We follow and improve continuously our Internal Management System (IMS), which guarantees the quality of the information services given to our clients;
We have an evaluation and risk and opportunity treatment system for various needs, with the intent to keep integrity, privacy and availability;
We show our ability to constantly provide products and services that satisfy the client’s requirement and, if needed, the legal and normative requirements;
We pursue the client’s satisfaction with the implementation of IMS;
We define and declare our ethical principles through the publication of “Codice Etico”;
We show a systematic approach to environmental management, in order to create the conditions for a sustainable progress.

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