How does an SAP program work? Discover now the one that best suits you!

How does an SAP program work? Discover now the one that best suits you!

One of the most felt needs of entrepreneurs is to have full control of every business aspect and to be able to access the Data of the different departments (sales, marketing, distribution, purchases …) at any time. It is not easy to find solutions on the market that allow satisfying this particular requirement through a single management. This is precisely why the SAP program is born, a fundamental tool for those who want to constantly monitor incoming flows, outgoing and any other activity within and outside the enterprise. In this article, Technis Blu deepens the features of a SAP program, the ideal software to optimize every business process.

What is a SAP programme?

We start from the assumption that the acronym SAP, born in Germany, indicates in English “Systems, applications and Products in Data processing”:     It is an information System created to make the company more efficient through the effective management of Data. Among the main features of the software, we can outline:

  • The presence of a central System. Each company department can input Data into a specific SAP process, developed specifically for its needs and characteristics and connected to the central System. In this way it is possible to keep track in real time of the operations of modifications and integrations of the Data of the various departments, avoiding, excessively, errors related to duplicate Data;
  • Modularity. As already indicated, the SAP program consists of multiple processes, inherent in the specific area to which they refer. The staff, therefore, is not forced to learn the functionality of every aspect of the SAP program, but it can specialize in the module dedicated to it, with consequent decrease of the costs of formation;
  • The scale of it. Thanks to its flexibility, the SAP programme can be integrated with further processes when the enterprise is expanding and, therefore, you need additional functionality or a larger space for Data management. All this without modifying the central System and, therefore, without losing the activities carried out previously.

What are SAP functions?

We have already seen that a SAP program is customizable, as it consists mainly of specific processes. These are made and implemented basing of the different departments within the company. For example, we can find processes dedicated to:

  • Finance and accounting, for entering entry and exit Data and analysing the financial flows that characterize the company;
  • Customer service, to keep monitored the customer service requests or potential ones and to make the customer care efficient.
  • Warehouse, for the continuous control of the goods in entrance, the goods in escape and the inventories;
  • Sales and distribution, in order to guarantee detailed analysis on the effectiveness of the Sales Team and on the suppliers and the logistic aspects related to the distribution of the products sold;
  • Human resources management, for the creation of personal files concerning the individual employee, in which are present all the Data that the company needs (personal Data, remuneration, holidays, permits, contracts, etc.).

One of the most important features of the SAP program is the creation of updated and constant reports. In this way it is possible to have an overall and detailed view of the trend of the company and, consequently, to coordinate optimally the different departments. This result in greater control and speed in decision-making on future investments and planning: in your hands, you will always have certain Data– and not approximate – and it will be easier to determine in which areas to allocate resources and what steps to take for business growth.

How to understand what SAP programme best fits with your company?

Basing on what we have said so far, we understand that an SAP program can be implemented and modelled on the needs of your company. There is talk, indeed, of “customization”, i.e. customization of the software. It is precisely to achieve this goal that you need the right figure, which understands your need and satisfies it.

In this regard, to support you in the implementation phase of the software, so that you can find the best solution for your business, there is the SAP consultant. Through a series of telephone calls and preliminary meetings, this important figure studies the needs and problems encountered in your company. Next, the consultant designs the SAP program for your company, integrating it into your internal processes. All this having clear the final objective: make you optimize the management control time and allow a more fluid analysis of the business trend.


In this article we have seen what it is, how it works and how to implement a SAP program in your company: it is the best solution to have constantly under control the Data issued by each department, in order to understand the real effectiveness of the areas and to better plan future activities and investments.

Would you like to know in more detail the benefits that can bring such software within your company? Do not hesitate to contact us: Technis Blu SAP consultants will be at your disposal to answer all your questions.


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