Integrated Management Systems Master

Integrated Management Systems Master

Technis Blu team perfectly knows your needs as an undergraduate or postgraduate who is oriented towards the world of processes consultancy (in particular towards SAP) dedicated to companies that operates in either the public and private sector. Because of this, the team knows how important is to combine a detailed and specialized formation with practice activities on site. Therefore, is on the basis of this awareness that the Technis Blu Academy is based on, a project which sees the company standing in a prolific and active way within the universities and formation centers looking towards to offer useful notions in the SAP consultancy field. The Roman informatic boutique supports you in the access towards the world of work thanks to the master in integrated management Systems (SAP S4 HANA), which will take-off in October 2019. You will discover all the characteristics of this formation program and to what opportunities and benefits you will be guide by applying to this course.

Master Themes

The master organised by the Technis Blu Academy allows you to learn about the most varied knowledge regarding business processes and the identification of solutions in the SAP field. Thanks to what you will learn either during the lessons, either during the internship, you will be able to analyse different company dynamics and contribute to their design and optimization. Getting to this result has been possible through a formative pathway of high quality which faces different themes related to the activities that you will daily conduct on your working place.

The basic topics of the integrated management System master are>

  • Management processes: Administrative/accounting field, active and passive cycle, logistic, treasury and management control, with an exceptional focus against the private sector.
  • SAP applicable solutions covering each process, with the study of some Technis Blu case studies of success.
  • Management peculiarities in the public sector.
  • Digital innovation: l.o.t., block chain, machine learning, analytics, big Data, Data intelligence.
  • Project management
  • Soft skill: presentation techniques, public speaking, meeting leading,  Teamwork skills

For each of these topics, you will be shown different companies case studies, the models and solutions proposed by Technis Blu. Moreover, also during theoretic lessons, there will be proposed role-playing games and practice activities, in order to get yourself inside the world of consultancy gradually.

Benefits of the Master

The integrated management System master represent the ideal solution for who wants to get from SAP consultancy his first job. Keeping always in mind this focus, the formative path will drive you towards some practice and theoretic information, which, are fundamental to practice this job at the best of the possibilities, always offering the best solutions made to satisfy the company’s needs.

In the master realization, the Technis Blu team has focused in particular to the elevate knowledge regarding work methodologies: each single step of consultancy, from the first contact with the company until the reach of a SAP definitive solution. In this way, you will not find yourself disoriented when you will enter the company so that you can face your daily activities since the first moment, having anyway a tutor that will assist you in any issue.

Furthermore, the master focuses also on improving the analytic capacities of problems and the research of the relative solutions: this aspect is considered as extremely important as it helps to open your mind and drive you towards critical thinking to make your activity more effective. All of this would be hard without a high level of consideration regarding a rational approach, which does not include only the duo Company-consultant, but also the entire team with which you will interact. Optimizing your communicative skills, you could represent a benefit for all the companies in this working context.

Master characteristics

The integrated management System master is a path oriented towards the formation of new company’s consultants, who foresees the acquisition of functional and technical competences in the SAP field. The course has been built for you, as a young postgraduate or undergraduate looking to access in the best way the world of complex informatic Systems for public and private companies.

The formative path realized by Technis Blu will start from October 2019 and it will have a last of 10 months: four of these will serve to learn basic notions and techniques, from the management of production and communication processes. The other 6 months, instead, will allow you to put in practice everything you have learned through an internship in a company or in Technis Blu Partner Company, living on site the realization of SAP projects and the approach with the client. Moreover, during the course will be available a training ambient, the Technis Blu Discovery, where you can practice the learned notions.

The integrated management System master will have a cost of circa 2000 and will take place in Rome (with an internship availability in Milan), foreseeing full time work from Monday to Friday. You could access thorough a first selection interview. At the end of the 10 months you will gain a certificate of attendance for the people who will have good results during the program, optionally, will also be able to access to the SAP certification.


In this article, we have outlined the characteristics, themes and benefits of the integrated management System master organised by Technis Blu. Our long experience allows us to realise a formative path, which becomes the perfect combination between theory and practice, to prepare new Sap consultants who know how to place always the client at the centre of their focus.

Do you wish any other information about our master or about our active participation at university events or formation course? Contact us: Technis Blu team will be available to answer any question of yours. In the meantime, you can deepen the master contents by downloading the brochure.

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