Management control in Public Administration: how important is SAP?

Management control in Public Administration: how important is SAP?

Even more than a private company, public bodies need a clear vision of the entrances and outputs and an in-depth planning of the investment works: The quality of life of taxpayers, citizens and businesses is improved as a result of their work. In this sense, an SAP management can be a brilliant tool in the hands of the Public Administration, which can then carry out a management control at 360 degrees. However, specifically, what are the benefits of SAP management control for public administration? Find out in this article!

Integration of different areas into a single macro-area

A public body represents an extremely complex reality, in which every single activity must be connected to the other in order to be able to produce services, initiatives and works targeted and of high quality for all the citizenship. This is why it is essential to have a management on its side, such as Agile Public, which contains in itself detailed micro-areas: revenue management, integrated accounting, investment project management, asset management, management analysis and control. This is the only way to achieve two important benefits:

  • Uniqueness of the data. The data is entered in the reference area only once, thus avoiding errors or duplication, which could lead to a distorted view of the reality of the entity;
  • Traceability of operations. Each data has its own history and it is memorized in detail in the management to ensure that at any time you can know the origin of an income or a cost or any other element.

Efficiency, efficiency and economy in management

Thanks to an SAP management control within the Public Administration it is possible to arrive at a greater effectiveness and efficiency of the whole apparatus, also predicting unfavorable situations to the entity. For example, the SAP management is able to assess the financial and economic impact of initiatives on a case-by-case basis, taking action where necessary to improve services and productivity. Moreover, the entire SAP management control process also leads to an increase in economy, minimizing the use of all resources (for example, money and staff) to achieve the objectives set.

More transparency towards taxpayers

Especially within the Public Administration, the taxpayer/citizen needs and has the right to know how the resources made available in the territory are used. Thanks to the clear, complete and in-depth vision of every voice in the management, it is possible to offer the citizen all the answers he seeks. In addition, you can create detailed reports, which, on the one hand, enable the taxpayer to view the costs and revenues of the public body and, on the other hand, enable the public authority to carry out an effective program of activities to achieve the objectives set.

Optimization of the decisional trial

It is precisely in the context of the planning of initiatives or investment plans that an additional benefit of management control in the Public Administration with SAP comes into play: The constant monitoring of every aspect of the public body also makes it possible to optimize the decision-making process. A SAP management system, in this sense, offers effective reporting tools to verify the performance of the public body. Besides, predictive analysis allows us to make realistic forecasts, based on reliable data, which lead to an improvement in the quality of the work of the Public Administration. Finally, through the constant analysis of every aspect within the public body it is possible to identify in time any deviation from the original objectives and correct them in time.


In this article, we have discussed the importance of effective management control for the public administration sector. This can be done through the most modern and advanced management SAP, which allow to avoid errors in the insertion of data and to trace every operation. This leads to greater efficiency, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in management, as well as greater transparency vis-à-vis the taxpayer, who can receive updated reports on the performance of the public sector body. Moreover, an aspect not to be underestimated concerns the optimization of the decision-making process, to which it is possible to arrive thanks to a series of predictive analyses and to the constant control on the trend of the entity.

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