Management of business processes: how can you do it with SAP!

Management of business processes: how can you do it with SAP!

How important can be for your company a correct and efficient management of business processes? Surly, as an entrepreneur, you perfectly know the answer to this question: monitoring, the use of different tactics, the use of specific tools can push the company towards a performance improvement.  This means, better quality and efficiency and, therefore, an improvement is sales figures. SAP fits perfectly in the business process management. In what way? Technis Blu deepen the question in this article.

What is SAP?

With the acronym, SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data elaboration) is meant an evolved management System that allows to co-ordinate different business departments and make multiple operations in the business field. In other words, the production areas, administrative and commercial of the company, with SAP, do not use different tools but a management System, which thanks to a cloud memory, keeps all the departments, linked with each other. In this way, Data updates automatically and promptly and not only is possible to automate the operations through Machine Learning technologies, but also analyse the performance of the single business department.

A SAP management System can manage these areas:

Accountability and administration

SAP provides a module for accountability. Given this, is possible to create specific account charts for the needs of the single firm, record the inflows and the outflows and study profit centers. Moreover, to understand the real situation in a specific firm, SAP creates periodically detailed reports to estimate the incidence of costs over inflows.

If you wish to understand in a detailed way, the benefit offered by SAP regarding accountability do not miss our article ‘SAP accounting programme: speed up your accounting management!"


SAP management System allows inserting and editing promptly supplier registry Data offered in the logistic service. Moreover, with SAP is possible to verify and add serial and butch numbers monitor the transactions of warehouses and manage price lists. Periodically, some specific analysis are conducted on the warehouse, to calculate the inventories.

Sales and after sales

For companies is crucial to keep trace of not only sales, but also the number of loyal customers. Therefore, SAP manages, like an innovative CRM, also the commercial negotiation and, at the same time, the customer care service. With specific reminders, is possible to periodically contact potential clients and speed up the whole closing process of sale, beyond creating a long lasting relationship with already existing customers.


SAP provides all the tools and functionalities useful to manage at the best of the possibilities each single order, beginning from the ‘Materia prima’ until reaching the client. Therefore, beyond the sector functionalities, there is a constant monitoring about the work progress, with the aim of optimize timings and guarantee a punctual service to the consumer, without giving up the quality of the product.

Management control

One of the needs that is often exhibit by a company’s management is to make decision in a short period. To do such is necessary to have many Data in short time. Because of this, SAP is able to correlate, thanks to a central System, information coming from different departments and offer a wide overview of the business performance. Consequently, who is in charge of strategic action in the company has constantly available all the Data needed to make efficient decisions with the aim of business growth.

Human Resources

Both small and big sized companies find themselves in difficulty when managing their internal work strength: numerous, indeed, are the aspects to keep an eye on when having few employees, particularly if these are involved in different business departments. SAP allows calculating salaries, managing the employee attendance and the training days. Moreover, it works as well as a time sheet to assess the employee’s performance and, when looking for a new person to hire, it selects all the incoming curriculums and catalogues information and candidate skills.


In this article has been showed how SAP provides a correct and efficient management of business processes, analysing each single company’s department. Particularly, thanks to SAP is possible to co-ordinate accounting, administrative, logistics, and commercial activities. Moreover, SAP allows selecting and supervising the human resources analyzing in detail the business performance to make strategic decisions promptly. \in other words, with SAP is possible to have at your fingerprints each company’s aspect.

All of this leads to an improvement in monitoring the whole company, which is specifically studied in each department to understand its performance and to what departments address more or less budget. Consequently, it is possible to assess since the beginning a fall in business costs, due to the optimisation of business processes and a greater efficiency in each department.

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