Public Administration management software: Enasarco

Public Administration management software: Enasarco

Public authorities in contact with people need complete management software, which allow to provide clear and effective services to the population and, at the same time, to coordinate at the very best the passive activities, with a purpose of maximum transparency. Only through a fully customized management software for public administrations and  authorities it will be possible to avoid the waste of money and the optimal administration of each internal activity. Right in this context we present SAP: Technis Blu, with many years of experience in the implementation of this specific kind of software, distinguishes itself even for the collaboration with important public authorities, such as Enasarco. In this case study we are going to discover how much the efficiency of this important authority has improved thanks to the implementation of a SAP software.

The customer

The Enasarco foundation originates in the far 1938 as a National Authority for Assistance for Agents and Trade Representatives. In particular, it concentrates itself in providing support, training and professional qualification to the members, pursuing, in this way, public interest objectives despite being considered a subject of private law. In addition, within the core business of Enasarco you can find activities of inspection, aimed at ascertaining the nature of the agency relationship and complying with corporate tax obligations.

In total, Enasarco administers:

  • 000 active contributing positions of Agents;
  • 000 Sending companies, obliged to contribute;
  • 000 pensions a year, between old age, disability and survivors;
  • 000 FIRR payments (Termination Indemnity of Commercial Agents).

The need

Enasarco has manifested the need to manage more effectively all the aspects related to invoicing, especially inbound. From the 1st of January 2019, the use of electronic invoicing is mandatory for greater effectiveness of private and public processes and, above all, to ensure maximum transparency through exchange with the Revenue Agency. In this sense, even before this law came into force, Enasarco expressed the need to optimize incoming billing, dematerializing invoices to lighten the entire process and, at the same time, allow a considerable reduction in the use of paper and time spent on accounting activities.

Precisely for this reason, Enasarco has opened a tender for the implementation of a management software specifically designed for electronic invoicing. A race in which the Technis Blu team has found itself highly prepared, succeeding in satisfying the customer's needs and winning over the competition.

The initial phases of the project

In order to present a brilliant and totally customized project for Enasarco, the Technis Blu team realized a preliminary analysis regarding the procurement processes of the public body. This was made possible by reading in detail the terms and characteristics of the tender and structuring a specific project for the individual case. Following the award of the tender, the team immediately set to work to present the prototype of the Public Administration management software created for Enasarco. A series of feedbacks followed, until the final prototype was reached, the one approved by the Customer. Through a test, the project was then passed to the production and implementation phase.

The final implementation of SAP

The Technis Blu team in charge of the project implemented a software to optimize processes related to passive electronic invoicing. In particular, the ERP works via VIM, that is Vendor Invoice Management Number: it is a code that is virtually associated with invoices. To this is then added the number attributed to the supplier invoice, which allows a rapid identification of the same. Thanks to this system, the management system automatically registers:

  • The incoming invoice;
  • The invoice in the VAT register.

The system adopted by Technis Blu for Enasarco provides for an effective integration with pre-existing business processes, thanks also to an automatic entry of data to issue and receive invoices. Therefore, SAP does not only receive invoices from suppliers, but also archives and storage. Finally, as already mentioned, the exchange with the Inland Revenue guarantees maximum integrity on the part of Enasarco and greater transparency in the eyes of the final consumer of the service.

Post implementation activities

After the process of implementation, the people of Enasarco were not left alone: ​​Technis Blu, in fact, proposed a series of operations that would allow the organization to understand all the functionalities of the management and, above all, to exploit them to the fullest. This is why the implementation was followed by a staff training course. Not only. For every need, Enasarco knows it can count on its functional SAP analyst, thanks to an efficient post-go live support service and a corrective maintenance contract managed by means of a ticket.

In this way, it was possible not only to make the Foundation's corporate and, above all, accounting processes more efficient, but also to provide that training and that fundamental support so that the staff could benefit from SAP without having to change their work habits. The main objective of the post-implementation operations of Technis Blu is precisely this: to ensure that the new systems are reconciled to the pre-existing ones to the maximum, responding to doubts and requests and realizing all those technical features not previously displayed.

The results

Thanks to a management software for the Public Administration and public bodies dedicated to Enasarco and relating mainly to passive electronic invoicing, it was possible to achieve multiple advantages in internal processes. In fact, the process of acquiring purchase invoices has been significantly accelerated, compared to a considerable reduction in the use of the card. This allowed on the one hand to implement an eco-friendly policy, which would improve the foundation's brand reputation, on the other hand to better organize the internal order: the absence of loose sheets and the possibility of digitizing billing operations led to better payment management and greater transparency to the public.

This has resulted in more focused attention on the core business, thus making the services offered to agents and sales representatives more efficient. The entire system, while exploiting the capabilities of the IT world, is also extremely secure, thanks to the ability to customize access. In this way, it is possible to make the read and write invoices only to those who deal with accounting within the Foundation, while all the others can access them in read-only mode.


The collaboration undertaken with the Enasarco Foundation has led Technis Blu to create a management software suited to the needs of the Public Administration and, more generally, of the bodies in contact with the public. To better organize the internal activities and, above all, to guarantee a high quality service to the subscribers, even an effective and digitalised passive billing system can represent an excellent point of support. How can SAP help you to make your institution's activities in contact with the public easier and more transparent? Get in touch with Technis Blu functional analysts: they will offer you the best project for your business.

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