SAP Accountability programme, speed up your accounting management!

SAP Accountability programme, speed up your accounting management!

When we talk about business accounting, we do not refer only to the entry of input and output Data or to the drawing up of the balance sheet at the end of the year. The financial world of a company is much wider and ranges from creditor to debtor flows, from supplier invoices to those for customers, from the analysis of market trends to the study of investments for the future. It is precisely because of this vastness and complexity of the Data that it is unthinkable to manage the accounts through a simple Excel spreadsheet. The ideal solution is to rely on an SAP program for accounting, able to make more efficient the accounting management of your company. In this article, Technis Blu presents the main features of this software.

In memory technology

One of the most felt needs of those in charge of industrial accounting is to have a software that stores Data in RAM and not in the Database in disk hosting. In this way, in fact, the Data of more business departments are inserted inside a single central memory System, which is updated instantly to any modification or integration. Only with this System, which is based on an “in-memory technology”, it is possible to permanently eliminate the problem of Data redundancy and reduce processing time.

Efficient control over bills management

The effective management of invoices, both incoming and outgoing, is for a company a very relevant factor, as it allows you to avoid delaying payments to suppliers or not receiving payments from customers. The SAP accounting program supports you in the invoice issuing process, allowing you to choose easily and immediately between the different types present (transport document, immediate invoice, deferred invoice, credit note...). Moreover, thanks to its innovative technology, the software quickly assesses the credit risk of customers, thus avoiding running into scams or insolvencies.

Updated real time statistics

Statistics are one of the main means of assessing the financial health of the company. For this reason it is essential that they are constantly updated, whenever a change or integration is made within the accounting and financial Data of the enterprise. The SAP accounting programme is specially designed to ensure that statistics are continuously updated and updated before the end of the accounting month. This way you will not have to wait days and days to get an overall view of your company’s performance, but you will have every financial aspect readily available.

Periodic reports on treasury and liquidity

Treasury and liquidity management can also be a particularly complicated matter for a company without specific software. One of the most innovative SAP accounting programmes, SAP S/4 HANA, ensures maximum effectiveness in the control and administration of receipts and payments. This is made possible also, thanks to the elaboration of a series of overall financial statements and periodic reports that aim to offer a detailed view of the cash flows. Through your attention to General Ledger, you will be able to improve your business’s economic and financial forecasts. As a result, it will be easier for you to plan future strategic actions.

Maximise Data protection

Another caveat that an excellent accounting software should possess is Data security. The Web teaches us, in fact, how simple it can be to steal”, through powerful Systems of hacking, private information of a company and use them to hit it. Is to avoid these problems that SAP presents three lines of defence for the protection of the Data, that they allow to detect the frauds and to control in every moment who has carried out the access to the software, allowing an instant lock of the same in case of anomalies.


In this article, we have seen the importance of implementing a SAP program for accounting within a company. It is, in fact, a software designed to possess not only the basic features (for example, the simplicity in the issuing of invoices), but also analytical functionality: thanks to the preparation of reports and financial statements, it is possible to constantly check every accounting and financial aspect of the company.

Would you like to know more about SAP’s accounting features? Do not hesitate to contact us: Technis Blu consultants, with many years of experience in the SAP field, will be able to tell you the best process to make your company more efficient, even at the accounting level.

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