SAP Leonardo Big Data: what is it and why implement it?

SAP Leonardo Big Data: what is it and why implement it?

Each company either small or big has a number of Data, which can result useful to understand changes within market dynamics. Thorough what are conventionally called ‘Bid Data’, indeed, is possible to outline reference target behaviour and consequently, to take important decisions about the company’s future. Unluckily, company use efficiently only 30% of the Data they have due to a lack of a management System, which stores and categorises these Data. These issues are possible to overcome with SAP Leonardo, a platform projected in an innovative way for the Big Data and company’s Data analysis. What is it and why implementing it? Technis Blu, with plurennial experience in the SAP field, describes the basic characteristics and benefit of this.

What is SAP Leonardo and in what way uses Big Data?

SAP Leonardo represents one of the last and most innovative technologies developed by SAP and it stands on the notion that, in a digital world, information are increasingly used for a business purpose. For instance, knowing perfectly how the target reference moves, what are its buying habits and in what way it gets in touch with the company becomes fundamental to understand the strategies to undertake and to make the company grow as well as the revenue.

In SAP Leonardo, everything revolves around Big Data, through some of the most important technologies on what it is built on:

  • Machine Learning uses Data to make machines more efficient and, consequently, productivity. This can reveal useful, particularly, in the manufacturing field for products quality control or in the financial field to avoid frauds and for the rating of risks.
  • Block chain. Data are stored on various machines linked with each other in this huge Database. In this way, each business department can access to the same information and the Data updates happens real time.
  • Big Data. The collection of Data available on the market, starting from public websites and used to make reports and analysis related to the core business.
  • Data Intelligence. Moreover, a massive Data collection does not make Data useful, because of this, the Data Intelligence orders and categorises Data, making them available for reading easily and used to start investments and new growth strategies.

In what way SAP Leonardo and Big Data are fundamental for your company?

Big Data are extremely important for a company, because they can be a perfect tool in the hands of an entrepreneur to reach business success. SAP Leonardo therefore, represent the ideal solution for Data monetization, in other words, a process that allows turning the Data available by a company in a perfect way to boost revenue. Through the application of different algorithms, is possible to make analysis, statistics and specific reports. These documents can show for example:

  • What are the behaviours of a medium customer, business target;
  • In what way is possible to make different business departments more efficient;
  • Forecast and create simulation for each strategic action undertook by your company, in order to know in advance the target results.

Something that is not worth to underestimate when it comes to ‘Big Data’ and business Data is Data protection. The new normative about GDPR became particularly severe: is necessary to make every possible action to avoid information loss of a third party. SAP Leonardo solves also, this issue, making each sets of Data anonymous to avoid that an eventual loss of Data that could cause a dispersion of important information. Moreover, with SAP Leonardo are never used personal Data that allow identifying the referenced person. In this way is possible to benefit Big Data at their full potential, without avoiding GDPR norms and damage the single person in the chance of a hacker attack to the company’s Databases.

The perfect match between security and the use of Big Data allows using the stored Data in a fruitful way, making the applied strategies more efficient and innovating business departments and their work.


In this article is expresses how SAP Leonardo works in the Big Data field. This is one of the most evolved technologies projected by SAP, which allows using Data available in the company to create reports and forecasts analysis. In this way, is possible to lead the company towards a specific direction, knowing in advance, what will be the results of the strategic actions applied. All happens in security making Big Data anonymous in the Database without including any profiling information of the single person.

Do you wish to know SAP Leonardo in deepen detail? Do not hesitate to contact us: Technis Blu SAP analysts, Gold Partner SAP, will be available for you to answer all your questions allowing your company to take the best of the functionalities from this new technology.

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