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In an increasingly “mobile” world, where smartphones and tablets come into play in everyday life, we feel the need to design platforms that manage every business activity directly from a mobile device. SAP knows it well, which in recent times has brought the new Fiori interface to the market. This innovative interface combines the multi-functionality of SAP systems with a remarkable simplicity of use and represents an excellence answer to all those who demand greater flexibility and intuition from their company platform.

SAP Fiori revolutionizes the traditional SAP User Interface aspect through HTML5 technology (SAP UI5) and a suite of more than 300 APPs divided into specific business areas (HR, Finance, Manufacturing, Sales and Procurement). The aspect is completely responsive, based on roles, simple and consistent.

Among the many advantages that SAP Fiori can bring to your company we find:

  • Updates in real time (for example, in warehouse management);
  • Increased productivity, thanks to faster access to the information requested;
  • Artificial intelligence functionality;
  • It is designed according to the needs and role of the user;
  • Increased usability by users, thanks to a simple and intuitive layout;
  • Supports users wherever they are located to.

Do you want to know the benefits that SAP Fiori
can bring to your company?

How is SAP Fiori developed?

There are many features of SAP Fiori, an interface created specifically to simplify every type of digital process in your company.

Here are some:

User Experience

An interface composed of multiple facets, based on roles, allows you to get the right information at the right time. The User Experience is also adaptable, to allow you to receive at any time information relevant to the request. SAP Fiori is also based on consistency, to pursue a unique line in every department of your company.

Modern Graphics

The interface has a clear and visibly pleasing design and layout. An effective information architecture allows each operator to quickly find the data they need for their operations. Finally, a schematic display allows for greater productivity, avoiding excessive time consuming searching for information.


SAP Fiori can be integrated with hundreds of APPs, depending on the needs of your business, the sector in which it is inserted and the guidelines you want to pursue. APPs consistent with SAP Fiori cover a wide range of analytical and transactional activities.

SAP Fiori Cloud

SAP Fiori allows you to improve the productivity of your Company thanks to a simple and personalized experience in the Cloud. In particular, it is possible to access every department of your Activity, thanks to SAP Business Suite. The following are already available in SAP Fiori: SAP account, SAP launchpad, SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Cloud Identity. Not only. SAP Fiori also full integrates with SAP S / 4 HANA.

Role-based technology: the real pearl of SAP Fiori


The different roles that compose your company (employee, manager and commercial) used to access a single transition, with all the data and functions. Therefore, there was no distinction between roles and the whole activity became slower and more cumbersome, as well as not very intuitive and effective. Furthermore, the User Experience was not innovative, so much so that it was impossible to create a single point of access between the ERP and CRM systems. This, of course, forced the user to use two interfaces at the same time, making usage times slower.


In addition to bringing together a simple design with the possibility of using all the APPs on a mobile device, we can say that the “role-based” feature of which it is composed is extremely functional for each area of reference of your Company and, above all, for each role designated.
Thanks to the innovative technology with which SAP Fiori was designed, which is defined as “role-based”, it is possible to have a specific interface depending on the role that the user plays: this allows to reach a specialization on the reference interface.

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