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Management for business accounting

Technis Blu, thanks to its many years of experience, has understood the problems of accounting management and has developed some specific solutions to improve processes. The systems introduced by Technis Blu allow a better management of administrative and accounting activities. In particular, Accelerate Accounting is a solution dedicated to those involved in asset management, passive cycle, treasury and controlling.

A solution that simplifies the processes for those who deal with accounting and that evolves according to the needs of the market. Technis Blu offers, indeed, systems that can be implemented and optimized over time, following customer needs and market needs.

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Overall, the legislative and tax scenario Accelerate Accounting is the immediate solution for managing the accounting of companies. An IT management tool that can be customized according to the needs of the company, with which it is possible to structure an account plan, create reports and use different search criteria. 


The Accelerate Accounting solution is characterized and differentiated from the common IT accounting management solutions to be highly customizable, based on customer needs. In fact, it is created on a model that refers to the current and structured legislation with more research fields.

In particular, Accelerate Accounting also adds to the common fields of research that concerning VAT Number and Tax Code, useful to avoid the creation of multiple personal data. These are the search field concerning the previous account number, a fundamental option in the case of supplier or customer recoding.

The solution is structured on an accounting plan model consistent with the IV EEC Directive. Accelerate Accounting is parameterized to be implemented in Italy.

The ability to customize Accelerate Accounting and implement it in pre-existing contexts reduces and optimizes work times. Its implementation is based on a predefined model that can be customized based on new specific customer needs.



With Accelerate Accounting it is possible:

  • Manage the assets;
  • Manage the treasure;
  • Check the processes;
  • Manage the passive cycle.

Technis Blu services

Specifically, the service includes training of operators who will manage the system; meetings with the client to understand the necessary implementations based on goals and peculiarities of the company; creation of specific report. In addition to the basic services, Technis Blu, meeting the many and varied requests of its customers, has created a series of optional additional services that aim to provide an even more complete solution.

Basic services

  • Project Management;
  • Meetings for Gap Analysis;
  • Systemic activities for system installation;
  • Key-User training;
  • Sample file for manual data migration;
  • Predefined Test Plan and Scenarios;
  • Printouts and predefined reports;
  • Go-Live support.

Optional services

  • End User Training;
  • Prints, Reports and customized Interfaces;
  • Customized authorization profiles;
  • Change Management;
  • Post Go Live Support;
  • Additional components (data migration, customizations, etc.).

Technis Blu, thanks to its experience in implementing accounting solutions, has understood the importance of a correct and adequate service for its customers. A service that includes not only the supply of software, but also users training.

Supply of the basic software
Software installation
Training of operators
User guide
Interface integration
High speed intervention
Reporting support
Hardware supply (optional)

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