Agile Projects

The solution for the tertiary sector

Services sector represents one of the most competitive sectors and that is why the services provided must be of absolute and undeniable quality. The solution for companies that fall within this category is Agile Project: this management system responds perfectly to the needs of professional service, consulting services, engineering, …

Companies in the tertiary sector require effective and efficient tools that allow accurate controls on management, costs and service delivery. Agile Project, in this sense, helps all consultants and operators in the service sector to improve their performance in terms of supply management, reporting, purchasing and administrative and contractual management.


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Thanks to an analysis and a management before, during and after a job order or a project, your company that offers services can ensure maximum control, both on costs and on revenues. This is the main reason why you should implement Agile Project to your Activity.


The benefits you can access are:

  • Covering most of your needs;
  • Simplified and effective process analysis that ensures easy identification and evaluation of relevant processes and related deltas;
  • Process performance optimization;
  • Support for business growth.


Agile Project represents the solution par excellence for companies that offer services. The specific attention of this management system on the different processes and activities of the sector in the sector, the rationalization of information and processes and the extensibility and integration with management systems and existing platforms are some of the main features of Agile Project. Among its main functions we find:

Management of basic data and operating structures;

  • Management of network registries with internal and external activities;
  • Project planning and budgeting;
  • Project cost planning;
  • Management of actual active and passive payments;
  • Costs, revenues and payments analysis.

Technis Blu services

Our IT boutique works daily to offer you and the companies in your own sector a high quality service. The team of experts involved in this business not only implements the software, but also provides everything you need to make the most of every feature.

Basic services

  • Project Management;
  • Meetings for Gap Analysis;
  • Systemic activities for system installation;
  • Key-User training;
  • Sample file for manual data migration;
  • Predefined Test Plan and Scenarios;
  • Printouts and predefined reports;
  • Go-Live support.

Optional services

  • End User Training;
  • Prints, Reports and customized Interfaces;
  • Customized authorization profiles;
  • Change Management;
  • Post Go Live Support;
  • Additional components (data migration, customizations, etc.).
Supply of the basic software
Software installation
Training of operators
User guide
Interface integration
High speed intervention
Reporting support
Hardware supply (optional)

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