Discrete Manufacturing

Management for manufacturing companies

Companies, especially medium-large ones, require a single management system for administrative and accounting processes and for controlling processes. The answer to these needs can become the Discrete Manufacturing solution. It is a management system that operates at 360 ° within the company.

Discrete Manufacturing is designed to adapt perfectly to any type of company: it can be customized according to the sector the business belongs to and is aimed at both standard products and customized products. Furthermore, it can be integrated with existing systems.

The strengths of the Agile Discrete Manufacturing system are:

  • Immediacy;
  • Easy to use;
  • Pre-configuration of the SAP system.

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Medium and large manufacturing companies need not only a management system that allows them to account effectively, but more. In this sense, Discrete Manufacturing is born indeed to achieve this relevant need: each company aspect, starting from the production cycle and ending with the sale of the product, is monitored and managed by this multi-functional platform.
Among the main activities that Discrete Manufacturing deals with there are:
  • Offer and sale of the product;
  • Product configuration;
  • Post-sales management;
  • Long-term production;
  • Product tracking;
  • Purchase management.


Through Discrete Manufacturing your manufacturing company can coordinate all the activities within it, speeding up and, at the same time, making every single task more effective. Here are some features of Discrete Manufacturing that can benefit your company:

  • It has a preconfigured SAP environment;
  • Immediate use, with sample data;
  • Training document;
  • Technical document.

Thanks to these features, combined with the complete training provided ahead by Technis Blu, during and after the implementation, you will get the opportunity to have an innovative management system by your side.

Technis Blu services

In particular, the service includes training of operators who will manage the system; meetings with the client to understand the necessary implementations based on goals and peculiarities of the company; creation of specific report. In addition to the basic services, Technis Blu, meeting the many and varied requests of its customers, has created a series of optional additional services that aim to provide an even more complete solution.

Basic services

  • Project Management;
  • Meetings for Gap Analysis;
  • Systemic activities for system installation;
  • Key-User training;
  • Sample file for manual data migration;
  • Predefined Test Plan and Scenarios;
  • Printouts and predefined reports;
  • Go-Live support.

Servizi opzionali

  • End User Training;
  • Prints, Reports and customized Interfaces;
  • Customized authorization profiles;
  • Change Management;
  • Post Go Live Support;
  • Additional components (data migration, customizations, etc.).

Technis Blu fully understands the companies needs and knows perfectly how a management system like Discrete Manufacturing can be the ideal solution for different types of business, in order to have every aspect of the company under control. Technis Blu services are aimed  at allowing you to take advantage of every management function.

Supply of the basic software
Software installation
Training of operators
User guide
Interface integration
High speed intervention
Reporting support
Hardware supply (optional)

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