GDPR Compliance

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

The new regulation on the protection of digital data requires an in-depth analysis of the business context, processes and technological assets supporting them. The number and complexity of the requisites required have led most of the companies to develop a real adjustment program, in order to identify and implement, within the terms of the law, the numerous technical and organizational measures needed, trying to balance time and budget.

Technis Blu and Infordata Group, as they are real IT boutiques, offer analysis and consultancy services and provide the qualified professionals to guide companies in complying with and adapting the current regulatory provisions.


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GDPR: what do you expect?

The cornerstone on which the new regulation revolves is the possibility for the user to have full control over his own data; another focal point of the legislation concerns the right to be forgotten, namely the possibility, by request, to obtain the removal of one’s data and notification in case of loss of data by companies. The recipients of the new regulation are therefore the holders of the data processing, hence who manages the information: private individuals and companies.

Among the main obligations to consider are:

  • Request for clear consent;
  • Designation of a data protection officer (DPO);
  • Establishment of an activity register;
  • Notification within 72 hours in case of data breach.

Penalties for non-compliance with the GDPR are particularly significant for companies.

Technis Blu Solutions

Avoiding that your company ends up penalized by the strict rules of the GDPR is our mission. This is why Technis Blu puts expert consultants (DPOs, PRIVACY, MANAGERS and SPECIALISTS) at your service and your corporate structure, who will follow you in a structured, clear and effective way. The services offered range go from the analysis of the client to the identification of all the actions necessary for compliance with the legislation, as well as the audit activities.

Technis Blu for compliance with the GDPR legislation offers:

  • Analysis of the current state;
  • Advice;
  • Audit.

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