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Health facilities, even before any other type of activity, require particular attention to details. Very often, not using management systems suitable for controlling every activity of the structure (not only at medical level, but also in administration, accounting and finance) can cause lacks and misunderstandings in the internal system. This is why Technis Blu engages much of its business to these particular activities.

Our experts are prepared to support medical-health structures that want to optimize their accounting, planning, controlling and reporting processes. Here are our proposals and how they can change the activity of healthcare facilities.

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Every process within the hospital will be able to adapt to the wave of innovation brought by SAP systems implemented by Technis Blu. The systems cover different functional areas:

  • Administration, finance and accounting;
  • Management control;
  • Logistics;
  • Passive cycle;
  • Active cycle;
  • Project management;
  • Staff management and administration;
  • Business security;
  • Planning e budgeting;
  • Document integration module.

I Benefici

A healthcare facility in assisting its patients finds itself managing very specific and extremely expensive activities. Technis Blu, thanks to its experiences with important healthcare facilities, is able to offer high quality solutions, for example for accounting and financial reporting, so as to minimize the waste of resources. In this sense, the objectives that can be achieved through the Technis Blu proposals are:

  • Record the economic, equity and financial events in accordance with the accounting principles for the correct calculation of the operating result;
  • Certify the consistency of the hospital’s financial resources deposited with the various financial intermediaries;
  • Guarantee the physical congruity and the correct economic valorization of the hospital’s patrimony as regards material and immaterial fixed assets.

Technis Blu services

Technis Blu offers a specific service aimed at supporting companies in the installation of the Health Care system. This service, designed to ensure completeness and functionality, includes: meetings with the customer to identify the peculiarities of the company and determine which implementations are necessary to achieve the set objectives; operator training for correct and effective system management; the creation of ad hoc reporting. Furthermore, to meet every request and requirement, Technis Blu offers a series of optional additional services to provide an even more complete solution.

Basic services

  • Project Management;
  • Gap Analysis meetings;
  • Installation activities for the system;
  • Key-User training;
  • Example file for manual data migration;
  • Predefined Test Plan and Scenarios;
  • Printouts and predefined reports;
  • Go-Live Support.

Optional services

  • End User Training;
  • Prints, Reports and customized Interfaces;
  • Customized authorization profiles;
  • Change Management;
  • Post Start Support;
  • Additional components (data migration, customizations, etc.).

Technis Blu, thanks to its experience in the sector, has a deep knowledge of companies and their needs and, for this reason, offers the Health Care solution, a management system that represents an ideal system for different types of business, with a view to keeping under control every aspect related to the company.

Supply of the basic software

Software installation

Operators training

User’s guide

Interface integration

Rapid intervention

Reporting support

Hardware supply

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