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The importance of computer security

Every company, public or private, is constantly exposed to computer crimes: from phishing, to data theft and from the presence of virus and malware in the computer system, to online identity theft. The consequences of this type of attack can be extremely serious both for the business and for the brand. Among the main repercussions we include: the loss of critical information, the interruption of business processes, damage to the company’s public image and security infrastructures. Technis Blu identifies risks and supports corporate infrastructures not only by responding to contingent threats, but by defining procedures and solutions that can guarantee data protection and business security over time.

Technis Blu, thanks to the LVS Factory laboratory, verifies, according to current legislation, the integrity of company data and provides adequate solutions for the various types of information and sectors.

How secure are computer data
in your company?

LVS Factory

There are 5 Safety Assessment Laboratories (LVS) in Italy and 63 in the world. Technis Blu LVS FACTORY, with a team of resources, accredited by the IT Security Certification Body (OCSI), is an independent and neutral subject, and carries out evaluation activities on IT products and systems according to the ISO 15408 standard (Common Criteria) up to level EAL4.

LVS Factory by Technis Blu offers security services such as:

  • Evaluation of IT vulnerability;
  • Management of Risk Management platforms;
  • Risk assessment on your company’s data;
  • Product and IT systems testing.

I servizi VA/PT

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Technis Blu laboratory offers proactive security services specifically concerning the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test.

The Vulnerability Assessment service provides for the execution of automated or semi-automated non-invasive scans conducted using software tools to detect the presence of known vulnerabilities.

Technis Blu’s Penetration Test is based on inferential attack techniques aimed at identifying unknown or non-detectable criticalities through scanning and automated analysis tools only and implemented by ethical professional hackers, based on a trial & error logic.

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