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Software engineering is a branch of our IT activity that deals with the creation of “custom” IT systems, with respect to the needs of the customer and the management of significant application assets with consequent evolutionary, adaptive and progressive maintenance.

Technis Blu, from a DevOps perspective, has focused on implementing an effective Application Life Cycle management process for the realization of projects based on specific customer needs. The objective is to guarantee the right balance in terms of productivity and quality of our services. To achieve this, a platform of tools has been implemented to support the ALM, integrated by cross skills on architectures, platforms and tools and the application of Agile methodologies.

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Application platforms

Every customer who relies on our IT boutique has different needs: there are those who need an “ordinary” type of maintenance, which makes it possible to diagnose the causes of software malfunctions and find the definitive solution; there are those who, instead of having implemented it, require different or additional functions; there are those who, instead, need to optimize the CRM system, making it tailored to their business.

Based on this we think of Software Engineering in 3 different ways:

Corrective Maintenance

The Corrective Maintenance includes the diagnosis and the removal of the causes and effects of the malfunctions of the procedures and programs in operation, in whatever form these occur. Technis Blu service in this sense is aimed to:

  • Analysis and Planning;
  • Design/production;
  • Integration and testing;
  • Closure of activities;
  • Acceptance/Rejection;
  • Activity reporting.

Adaptive Maintenance

The Adaptive Maintenance service covers all types of non-corrective action with limited impact. In general, they can include master data service management through customizing and minor ABAP adjustments. Technis Blu’s activities include:

  • Ticket receipt and intervention evaluation request;
  • Sending the service evaluation to the customer;
  • Acceptance or refusal of implementations by the Customer;
  • Modification/Revision of the Adaptive Maintenance Plan.

Evolutionary Maintenance (MEV)

The evolutionary maintenance services include all the activities related to the implementation of additional functionalities on the SAP system or changes of the requirements on the already existing functionalities aimed at satisfying the needs of the reference users.
According to the logic of the ITIL® Framework in the management of the “Change Request Management” process, it will be essential to follow the use of methods and procedures aimed at the effective and efficient management of all changes. This in order to guarantee control and restraint of potential impacts on the service’s quality due to developments incorrectly evaluated.

Testing Activity

All the activities listed above are supported by a team of testers that provide coverage of the entire life cycle of the software, in addition to verifying their quality, safety and functionality. In detail the team offers:

  • Functional Tests;
  • Module Test;
  • Regression test;
  • Integration Test;
  • Static tests;
  • Run Time Test;
  • Test data configuration.

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