Systems Assistance & Control Room

Systems Assistance & Control Room

Systems Assistance & Control Room

Systems Assistance & Control Room

Systems Assistance & Control Room

Systems Assistance & Control Room

SAP System assistance and Control Room

Technis Blu knows perfectly how important it is to know in depth every aspect of SAP in order to be able to fully exploit its enormous potential. A correct and effective use of the thousands of features of this system allows, in fact, to improve in terms of productivity and execution times and to coordinate every single aspect of your company.

It is in this sense that Technis Blu puts at your disposal a fundamental service, SMS. This acronym stands for “System Managed Service“, namely Systemic Assistance Service and allows you to implement, through the experience and expertise of a specialized team, hardware, operating systems (Microsoft, iOS) and SAP management software suitable for your company.


Do you need support for the effective use
of your SAP system?

What is SMS and how does it work?

SMS is a service provided by Technis Blu to companies that have decided to entrust their daily maintenance and monitoring activities to an effective and innovative system such as SAP. This is a Help Desk, which is used by making a request through a ticketing service.

Thanks to this kind of service, it is possible to always have by your side a team of experts, available to answer every question and to provide the information necessary for an efficient use of SAP.

Who can request the SMS service?

Any company whether It is a client or not. In this sense, we offer a complete commercial project, composed of different consultancies and types of assistance to help you out in specifically in the most critical phases of an SAP project.

Here is what you can request with the SMS service:

  • Request for system intervention for general information about the use of the SAP system;
  • Answer to questions such as: “How to …?”, to understand how certain processes within SAP work;
  • Specific monitoring (for example, cleaning, alerting, …);
  • Extra-hourly coverage and services 24/7.

Our team of qualified experts will always guide you towards the right hardware and support you in the activation of SAP in all your business activities.

Control Room Consultancy Systems Services

Technis Blu and Infordata, the Group’s Holding company, offer a package of value-added services for the management and operation of complex infrastructures. The Control Room maintenance service covers all the needs related to new implementations such as upgrades, patch releases and migrations. Being a design service it is subject to planning and estimation variable according to the request.
The main services offered in the Control Room include:

24/7 service center for widespread platforms;
Monitoring and remote management of systems with advanced RM tools;
Access to the infrastructure monitoring console;
Management of a specialized Knowledge Base (KB) for each client;
Complete end-to-end support for infrastructures (servers, storage, LAN and SAN network devices, printing devices, multi-function devices, standard software);
Management of ITIL Incident and Problem Management processes;
Proactive support model to ensure maximum infrastructure uptime;
Production of reports, with a frequency agreed with the customer, to certify the quality of the service rendered, also with reference to any SLAs.

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