Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Code of ethical conduct

Our Code of Ethical Conduct is the reference that every direct or indirect resource has to follow. It represents the guideline for our behaviour: honesty, fairness, moral integrity, equity, transparency and mutual respect are the basis of every relation with clients and suppliers.  

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On which values we base our daily activity?

Reliability and flexibility of our services

Technis Blu team stand out for the results and recommendations achieved in these 20 years of experience. The pragmatism in reaching the end of every activity within the time allowed and the support given to the client for every inconvenience represent the add value that Technis Blu brings to Clients and Partners.

Equity treatment between effective and potential clients

We make no difference between those who already benefit from our services and those who approach us for the first time: we guarantee an appropriate service for every area of competence we work in, giving the right importance to everyone who contact us.

Willingness and constant dialogue in the Company and with Clients

We are aware of the importance of creating a lasting relationship with our Clients. For this reason, we listen to their needs and make them our own. In providing our services we institute tools and channels in order to ensure speed and quality in communication and information.

Transparency and Efficiency of our projects

We inform the Client with clarity and timeliness about service costs, functions and opportunities. Demos, presentations and documents come through our specialist consultants and Sales Team work. In this way we provide clear and complete documents to the Client.

Total protection for Clients data

During our activities, we get in touch with a lot of data. We guarantee utmost confidentiality of Client data in compliance with the existing legislation. Data and information are registered and elaborated in accordance with confidentiality.

Providing quality service

We believe that the best way to secure customer loyalty, making them happy, is to offer a quality service every time. We listen to their problems in order to find the perfect solution to satisfy their needs with competence.

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