Technis Blu is SAP Gold Partner

Technis Blu is SAP Gold Partner

In a perspective of constant growth and attention to the quality of the services offered, Technis Blu can boast the important qualification of SAP Gold Partner. This is a recognition that SAP offers to partners that stand out for their professionalism, consulting ability and the ability to provide "solutions that create value for the customer and guide results".

Some time ago we realized that, thanks to the dedication and competence with which we have concluded particularly complex and important projects, we could have obtained this recognition. So it was. Although aware that the form is worth less than the content, the Technis Blu team considers it really satisfying to have reached this point and is proud of this certification, which confirms the excellent work of every single element that makes up this great family.

Among the requirements imposed by SAP to obtain this honored recognition was to conclude, during the calendar year, at least 10 projects with customers of considerable importance on the market. In particular, Technis Blu has worked excellently with large companies, known both nationally and internationally, implementing the best SAP solution for their individual characteristics.

Many were the steps to be taken during the course to achieve this goal and for this we thank a SAP colleague in India, who supported us in using the SAP Partner Edge portal. We had to demonstrate the added value that we offer to our customers on a daily basis, listing which consultants have worked on the projects mentioned above, in which role, the details of the solutions implemented, the preset effort days and many other data. It was a long process, but addressed in the best way, leading us to success. In total, in fact, Technis Blu won 525 points, more than necessary, considering that SAP certified companies that reached 500 points as "Gold Partners".

We specify that this recognition has not only arrived for the excellent interpersonal skills of the consultants, but also and above all for the effectiveness and quality of the proposed projects, always with the final goal of making our customers' business life lighter.

We are now continuing along the traced road, thanking all our consultants for their "golden" work and pushing them to do more and more to reach new and important goals. Moreover, as they say, "the appetite comes with eating".

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